About The Company

iLaser was established in April 11, 2011 by a group of entertainment and gaming experts who wanted more people to enjoy and engage in sports activities. With the growing popularity and accessibility of games on handheld devices and on the web, we are spending less time in physical activities which is not good for our health. Regular exercise, nutritious meals and healthy diet are all necessary in keeping our bodies, our hearts and our minds fit.  

OUR MISSION is to create a society of active, engaged and healthy individuals who enjoy an indoor sports activity that encourages teamwork, sportsmanship and a balanced personal life. With the creation of our laser tag facility, LASER WARZONE, we can help more people, both young and young at-heart, to be engaged in physical activities while spending time with friends, colleagues or relatives.

So if you are any of these:

•    I am cool and sophisticated
•    I have stressful school days and nerve-wrecking exams
•    I have a busy and hectic schedule during the day
•    I want to have fun and have a great time with my friends/ colleagues/ relatives
•    I want to have a party with a unique and cool style
•    I want to get back at my supervisor who thinks he/ she is the best in everything

Then LASER WARZONE is perfect for you!

We operate after office or school hours.
We are located at IOI Mall, Puchong where you can have an even greater time after your laser tag game.
And we can create any type of mission suited for you, your event, your group or your organization.

Let’s start your mission and BOOK NOW!